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チョモットボーテ - Chomotto BEAUTE -

About gift wrapping

We have two gift wrapping services. Please choose which service you like.
We erase the price when we wrap it as a gift.
If you do not want the price to be erased, please write your comment in the comment box " Dom't erase the price "

★¥324 wrapping 
Pink gift box with ribbon
You can choose a color in three diffirent colors.
Available to add a card. Choose a design from three diffirent designs. Please write your message.
This gift wrapping service is one gift per one order.

※If you have any other requests,please write in the comment box.
ex)One cheek brush is a gift, the others dont' have to be wrapped.

★free wrapping
Easy wrapping.
Color of the ribbon can be not be chosen.
We will wrap it with a suitable ribbon with the package.
We can wrap your porducts together or separate.

※If you have any requests, please write in the comment box.
ex) Wrap all items together.
ex)2 gifts - cheek brush and face brush, eyeliner brush and eyebrow brush.


海外の方【overseas orders】
About International shipping
How to order when you come to Japan
About gift wrapping
コスメ・化粧品・美容雑貨通販 チョモットボーテ -Chomotto BEAUTE-

About gift wrapping ページトップへ

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